Supplier Quality Inspector

Your responsibilities

  • Independent execution of inspections in the field of project order processing at suppliers and on the construction site in accordance with the inspection plans
  • Review (sample) of the manufacturing and production progress and the procedures and means of production used
  • Cooperation in the investigation and evaluation of weak points for the development and continuous improvement of the quality assurance system
  • Verification of progress of manufacturing and order processing at the supplier complies with the present and approved ITPs
  • Ensuring that certificates, test certificates, process approvals, welding certificates, etc. are available and updated or valid according to the contractual specifications
  • Checking that material specifications are adhered to and that associated material certificates are available
  • Checking the presence and the compliance with the relevant rules and regulations
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable rules, standards, codes and specifications by the supplier
  • Verification of the production-related verification documentation (Q documentation) of the suppliers for the various delivery lots
  • Authority to issue instructions to suppliers in the event of a standard deviation - Keep up to date with the relevant legal regulations and technical standards
  • Participation in the establishment, maintenance, transfer and development of technical know-how within the company
  • Frequent travel activity

Your experiences

  • Relevant work experience in plant construction or in one of the branches boiler, steel, apparatus, pipeline construction
  • Good market and product knowledge
  • Good MS Office skills (Excel)
  • Multilingual with professional English (min. B2)
  • Problem solving methodology
  • NDT qualification at least VT level 2 and able read RT films if more methods better like PT/MT/RT
  • Welding qualification at least IWT or EWT international or European welding technologist
  • Coating qualification NACE/Frosio Level 2
  • Knowledge of the relevant directives and standards to be considered in plant construction
  • Knowledge and experience in handling common project management systems and tools